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We the Joyful Singers, a choir who strive to learn and innovate the way we sing Song leading, cantoring, solo singing, responsorial psalms or other liturgical music is what we excel in. Come and be a part of this amazing Group

Church Music and Praise & Worship knows no boundaries and you will have an opportunity to experience a completely new aspect of this form of music. It will make you rise and sway to light up your life and fill your soul with the love and goodness of the Lord our God. Come and celebrate the joy and pride of being one of the family, to share in its success and to contribute to the wonderful world of Christianity. Aspiring and dedicated singers and musicians are encouraged to complete the registration form with your details and we will contact you as soon as possible. Your suggestions and recommendations are valuable to us, so feel free to share them with us.

Come, let us sing to the Lord, let us shout for joy to the rock of our salvation...

-Ps 95.1


I started my tryst with music as a tenor in my local Church choir, more than two decades ago. I enjoyed singing tremendously and was considered one of the regulars who rarely missed out on any of the practices.

My foray into Church music continued with my self-tutoring lessons to read music and play the organ, such that today I can modestly say that I have mastered reading music notations and can also play any hymn or song directly from a music sheet.

Church music and Praise & Worship always held a fascination for me and it is my endeavor to bring to you new and enlightening music to succour your very soul and to entice like-minded singers, and music lovers to join our Group which will soon be a Legend called Joyful Singers.

I was restless to do a little more to contribute my mite towards this vast limitless world of Church music and Praise & Worship. I began, in a small way, by recording tunes that came to mind, at various point of times during my otherwise busy day. I would spend hours in front of the computer saving the notations and later pen lyrics for the same. I have also written voice parts for already popular hymns & will continue to do so, in order to assist different choirs to sing in voices so as to make the Eucharistic celebration even more melodious and meaningful.



Christie Diana Dsouza
Rosetta Fernandes


Elizabeth Paul
Darlene D'Souza
Hyacinth D'Souza


Eva Dias
Valentina Fernandes
Twyla Lobo


Arick Joseph


Arick Joseph
Anil Kini
Martin Fernandes


Nikhil Claver D'Souza
Derek Lobo


Robert Mukundan (Key Board)

Music Manuscript

God's Mercy is over me
Mass of St.Pope John Paul II - Holy Holy
Mass of St.Pope John Paul II - SATB
Come One And All
Come To Me
Mercy of our Lord
Mass of Immaculate Conception SATB


Come one and all

Come to me

Gods mercy

Mass of Immaculate Conception Gloria

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